PRESSURE TAC®, the sustainable and efficient solution for labelling


PRESSURE TAC® is a unique product in our assortment. It is a pressure-sensitive material without release liner, hence with adhesive on the backside.
The unique feature of PRESSURE TAC® is that it only sticks to itself. When the adhesives connect, the product sticks to itself. The combination of the characteristics and features gives PRESSURE TAC® many advantages for logistic and airline purposes. In distribution centers, where many crates and containers go in and out each day, PRESSURE TAC® helps to keep the floor clean and the labelling process easy.


See the animation movie below and find out how PRESSURE TAC® improves the working flow in a distribution centre.



Labelling advantages

PRESSURE TAC® does not have a release liner

  • no waste in distribution centres or airports > less cleaning costs
  • no waste > more professional working space and clean check in areas
  • less handling in distribution centres > save time and money
  • a safer working area > less absence through illness


PRESSURE TAC® only sticks to itself

  • no adhesive residue > less cleaning costs
  • image improvement brand owners > no dirty containers, trolleys or suitcases with adhesive residue
  • airline passenger can label its own baggage > save time, save people and create more efficient check in process


A unique solution

PRESSURE TAC® labels enhance an efficient and safe labelling process and enables you to save time and costs. PRESSURE TAC® labels have a big positive impact on logistical operations and the check in process on airports.


The products

  • PRESSURE TAC TT 80 & TT 120
  • PRESSURE TAC TOP 80     & TOP 120
  • PRESSURE TAC Classic 150 K


> thermal transfer printable paper, 85 or 120 g/m²

> thermal direct printable paper, 80 or 120 g/m²

> thermal transfer printable laminate with film core, 150 g/m²



  • Logistic labels
  • Tree labels
  • Luggage labels
  • Tyre labels
  • Bike labels
  • Plant labels
  • Fence labels
  • Construction labels




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