IPP is your partner for a wide range of papers for packaging and graphic applications. We are specialised in added value papers and will advise you the best material for your application.


Packaging papers are used for both protection and barrier purposes. With the right added features, packaging papers are very suitable for the food industry. Many packaging papers are produced from recycled fibres for a sustainable packaging solution. IPP offers virgin papers, liners and greaseproof packaging papers.



IPP offers thermal paper and board in topcoated and non-topcoated versions. The topcoating ensures a high-quality image for high-end applications. Thermal papers are widely used for bank statements, tags, data carriers, baggage tags, travel tickets, admission tickets and boarding passes.


Apart from digital media, graphic paper is still a highly effective tool in the communication mix. Graphic paper remains an important communication medium for both commercial and identification purposes. Our assortment consists of Lightweight coated (LWC), Newsprint, wood-free coated and wood-free uncoated paper. Typical applications for graphic paper are brochures, posters, magazines, books, flyers and photo albums.



Our range of self-adhesive papers can be custom-made in several specials. You can choose from self-adhesive paper with special adhesives like ultra-removable and fully water-based. With LINERFREE TAC we offer a linerless self-adhesive product which only sticks to itself. We offer a complete assortment of pre-cut labels and digital papers and films for copier, laser and Indigo printers. With our self-adhesive papers, you can cover a wide range of sticker applications, industrial and logistic labels.


IPP offers label paper in a one-side coated wood-free offset quality or a metallized version for a more luxurious look. Our label paper is suitable for a wide range of labels, mainly in the food, beverage and tobacco industry. Beer bottle labels, wine bottle labels and cigarette packaging are typical label paper applications.