Enjoy your Loimu


Loimu is a Glögg – or Glögi. And glögg is the Scandinavian equivalent to glühwein, mulled wine or bisschopswijn. Mostly based on red wine, flavoured with typical winter spices. Loimu is made by the Finnish family business Lignell & Piispanen. Every year, they present a limited edition of their Loimu Vintage Glögg. In an unique bottle and every year with a new recipe.


The aromatic and rich taste of 2023 comes from their garden. The most delicious Nordic plums and black currants, completed with honey-sweet dates and traditional Christmas spices (clove, cinnamon, cardamom) and of course excellent red wine, result in this latest vintage of Loimu 2023.



How to ensure a full-bodied flavour for the festive season?

Simply heat the ready-to-drink Loimu 2023 in a pot or a mug to 60 degrees Celsius. Do not boil! Are you planning to pour out the bottle completely? You can heat this Loimu bottle in a pan with hot water (au-bain-marie, no boiling). Serve the glögg straight from the pretty bottle for an extra festive experience.


Store the opened glögg in the refrigerator. Glögg is recommended to be drunk within about a year from the date of production.

Loimu contains 15% alcohol. Enjoy, but consume it safely in moderation.


Our recommendations


    • Serve Loimu with ginger cookies or cheese.
    • Add a few raisins and white almonds or a cinnamon stick as garnish.
    • Want to do something different with Loimu? Read here the recipe for a dessert; red fruits in syrup of spices.
    • Light a candle and toast with friends and family.



About Lignell & Piispanen

The Finnish distillery Lignell & Piispanen looks back on 171 years of history. In 1852 great-great-great grandfather Gustav Ranin bought the Crowns Distillery from the erstwhile king. Gustav Ranin’s legacy lives on strongly in the family business. With a deep respect for the arctic wilderness, an artisan approach to its pure botanicals and a continuous effort to achieve better and better results.


Their distilling process is based on transparency and sustainability. This means that not only the raw materials, production facilities, logistics and partners are following an ethical code, but it also dictates that they take 100% responsibility for the taste and feeling you experience with their products. And the sixth generation is fully aware how a premium glögg should taste!

The IPP Packaging Materials team wishes you the happiest holidays and all the best for 2024. Cheers!