We proudly present the Label collection, an inspiring collection which has been developed for label printers in the Benelux. In this unique tool we present a wide range of base materials for labels, tickets and tags.


A4 sheets with QR code

The Label collection is a luxury collection, filled with 8 product tabs. It contains A4 sheets and printed samples of many products. Every A4 sheets has a label with a QR code, which links your smartphone directly to the technical datasheet. The Label collection also includes an application overview.


Online platform

De Label collection has an own online platform (in Dutch), which you can find on ipp.nl/labelcollectie. Here you will find an application overview, the full product range and the technical datasheets.


If you are interested in our Label collection of want to know more about our products for the labelling industry, please contact us.


Labelcollectie liggend 2x

Labelcollectie staand en liggend












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