IPP is specialist in board solutions for various packaging applications. We offer folding board, microflute, coated and laminated board. With many years of experience, we offer you the best advice for your board applications.


Folding board is characterized by strength and solidness, which is a result of a multi-layer product development. IPP offers a wide range of folding board products: SBS, SUS, FBB, Liner, GK, WLC and UD folding board. Typical folding board applications are packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, wine bottles, consumer packaging and coasters. A specialty in our folding board assortment is WestRock KraftPak, a two-sided brown board with a very natural appearance.

Microflute Abbey



Microflute is lighter and thinner than traditional folding board products, while it remains its solidness and strength. This makes microflute a very good choice for medical packaging, packaging of fragile products and point of sale. Microflute is a sustainable solution, since you need less kilograms for your packaging solutions. It saves weight and thus costs!


Coated or laminated board adds a specific feature to a solid substrate. By using water-based and environmentally friendly coatings, the board become greaseproof or food approved. A laminated board can be made from different combinations of substrates: PE board, PP board, PET board or metallized board. Applications for coated and laminated board are fish coaters, deep freeze boxes, pizza boxes or oven boxes.