Meet the Team | Yves Stiers


Since June 2023 Yves works as sales manager for IPP Packaging Materials in Belgium and France in the carton board team. He got hooked on board years ago, working for a cardboard converter. After a little side step to pallet pooling, Yves is now back in packaging materials – where he belongs. He is currently immersed in everything IPP stands for. We asked Yves about his plans for the future 


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Meet the Team | Sandra Ische


Sandra started in February 2023 as a sales manager for IPP Packaging Materials Germany in the carton board team. With 27 years of experience in cardboard and packaging, she knows the German market inside and out. Sandra became familiar with IPP 25 years ago. She will tell us how their paths crossed several times, leading to joining the IPP team.


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Case | Fries in the Skies


Sometimes packaging is more than just a box. IPP was asked to help think about the best material for the packaging and preparation of aeroplane chips. Here, the box is an inseparable part of the solution for getting fries crispy at 10km altitude. Find out what the exact requirements were and how this award-winning packaging was created in this case study.


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